We're crowdfunding to press our album on vinyl

Our video to launch our crowdfunding campaign


Since returning from our UK summer tour in 2018 we have been busy writing and recording our second album; Dead Star. 

We're delighted to announced that the album will be released on Friday 6th September 2019! It's been an intensely creative time and we're delighted with the results and can't wait for you to hear them. 

One thing we get continually asked is whether or not we'll be releasing anything on vinyl. The format has made a real resurgence over the last few years and it's something we've definitely looked at and are interested in doing. Unfortunately, the cost for an independent band like us don't stack up so it's been hard to think how we'd fund it.....UNTIL NOW! 

We thought, using Rocketfuel we'd create a mission! That mission is for us to raise £2,500 so we can get our new album pressed to vinyl and to achieve this we'll need your help. 

We've launched a range of exclusive products and experiences that you can purchase from our store and every penny raised will go towards our vinyl pressing fund. You can get pre-order our album, get limited edition t-shirts, handwritten lyrics, personalised USB mix tapes and even book us for a special Skype gig or House Concert. 

The continued support we get from our fans is truly humbling and we hope, with your help and the products we're offering, we can achieve our goal so we can offer you guys the thing it seems you want the most! 

So why not check out the store and order something special; we've got 3 months to hit our target. 

Much love, 

Pete, Stu, Jas 

The Magic Es