Demos and studio adventures 

Howdy all!

We hope you're well and starting your August with style and grace. We thought now was a good time to give you a little update on what we've been up to.

If you've seen our gig calendar you'll notice that it has one solitary show in it at the moment but don't worry! Our focus at the moment is turning our mountain of demos and jams into new, crafted, highly addictive rock 'n' roll nuggets and we're happy to report that it's going very well.

In the last two weeks we've managed to crank out four new songs, 2 of which we've already rehearsed and a couple that will be knocking on the rehearsal door very soon.

We've got:

  1. Echo Stir
  2. Fortune Shines
  3. Splinters
  4. Stop! Don't Start

And if you look to the bottom of this blog post you'll see we're giving you a cheeky download of the demo for Fortune Shines! This is very different from how the song has ended up in rehearsals but it'll give you an idea of how most of songs start life!

We hope to have some of the new songs in our set for our gig at The Swan in Ipswich on Friday 9th November.

Much love,

Pete, Jas, Stu - The Magic Es