We hope you're well? We've not posted on the site for a while but that's all going to change now; we're making an effort to engage more with our fans. 

You may have seen from our social media posts that we have a new guitarist in the band. Matt Watson joined a few months ago and we're back as a 4 piece. To celebrate we've put together a 4 track compilation EP and we've made it available to download for free. 

All you need to do is HEAD HERE and you can get your copy. It contains FINE LINES, RUNNING SCARED, NOTHING IN YOUR WAY and ONE SHOT. 

We've got some big plans for the coming months, including a brand new live EP along with new live videos. We've also moved ALL our releases to Bandcamp as we want to remove the barriers that the likes of Spotify and Apple Music put up between us and you...exciting times! 

We'll speak soon. 

Pete, Stu, Jas & Matt 

The Magic Es