Wishing Well gaining support from playlists and radio!

Howdy folks!

Wishing Well, our latest single, has been out a few weeks and we're delighted with the response we've had from national and international radio play. Our 3 minutes and 34 seconds if indie guitar pop has been heard on the following stations:

  • Northern Quarter Radio Manchester
  • Birch Street Radio Montreal (Canada)
  • Control Radio
  • Rock 365 Radio 
  • Elite 365 Radio
  • Full Impact Radio
  • Ultimate 365 Radio
  • Indie 365 Radio
  • Full Impact Radio 
  • Midwest Broadcasting Network
  • SRB Radio 
  • Deal Radio
  • Ipswich Community Radio
  • Alive 107.3 FM
  • Puritans Radio
  • Chorley FM
  • Cambridge 105 FM
  • 6Towns Radio
  • JGF Radio
  • Touch 102 FM
  • Touch 101 FM
  • Touch 96.2 FM
  • Banbury Sound
  • Rugby FM
  • Cowboy Joe Radio Wyoming (USA)
  • YNot Radio Philadelphia (USA) 
  • Forest 92.3 FM
  • FAB Radio Manchester
  • Coast & Country Radio
  • Hailsham FM 
  • OFI Monday
  • EGH Radio
  • Radio Marabu (Germany)
  • KKUP 91.5 FM (USA)
  • Radio On Berlin (Germany)
  • KKOWS Radio (USA)
  • Code Zero Radio (Canada)
  • Uckfield FM
  • RockSport Radio FM

We've also been added to a couple of great Spotify playlists too; The Bristol Funk Indie Club and Don't Bore us, Get To The Chorus!

It really does make all the hard work worthwhile when we get the support like this. If you haven't heard the single yet then what are you waiting for? Head here to fill your ears with joy!

Much love,

Pete, Jas, Stu

The Magic Es