Who the hell is Matt Watson??

Where do I start?

Grab a cuppa this could take a little while…

Okay lets stare back through the mists of time and try to make this entertaining.

I’ve been knocking around the fringes of the Norwich music scene since the late 90s after studying a BTEC in Popular Music.

My musical ventures prior to this were mainly yelling into a pretty poor PA system playing badly on a beaten up cheap guitar and we never left the rehearsal space. Hair was grown and cut off. Clothes changed, Doc Martens, Converse, Ripped jeans, tie dye leggings and shorts. Plaid shirts band t shirts, you know the way it goes. The Converse remain. As do the Doc Martens, Plaid shirts and jeans. The hair not so much. As Miles Hunt says in The Wonder Stuff classic Mission Drive “Baldness is under everybody’s hair” It’s hanging on but the luscious locks have most definitely gone.

Prog led to metal, metal led to rock, hip hop, indie, industrial, electronic music and more. Music being the lifelong obsession for me. All music. I’ve never been a music snob that's for sure! A lover of Pop too. A good tune, a good hook or lyric and I’m in.

My first ‘Proper band was a cover band at college that covered everything from Robbie Williams to obscure Indie hits like “Dive Bomb” by Number One Cup that was called Flicker if memory serves. Not the best name but we gigged and even got paid. I also was a drummer for a short-lived Avantgarde indie pop band called Chewie! Ahh those were the days.

Alongside the inevitable day job, I spent a few years "apprenticeship" in a Should and Blues band ‘Souled Out’ a 12 piece wedding and function machine that taught me much.

After that the ‘almost made it band’ HUCK. Yep, named after that Norwich City star striker. We did bloody well really and had fun too. An originals Indie Rock band I fronted and wrote the songs (mostly) for. We were mates we had a spinal tap run of drummers including one who attached paint tubes to his sticks and made splatter art while playing! (I know, don’t ask). 

It was from 2005 through to 2011ish. We opened for Miles Hunt and Erica from The Wonder Stuff , Scouting For Girls on their first tour (great lads) The Undertones, Billy Bragg at a political rally and a host of festivals, telly appearances London gigs at The Hope and Anchor with Dido in the audience, Camden gigs and near misses with record A&R people and even playing the hallowed Norwich City FC ground, Carrow Road to over a thousand footie and music fans alongside Rydian (remember him??), some Queen tribute band who mimed and borrowed our drummers kit and Jamelia. We had a good crack at it. Had fun and when it became no longer fun I knocked it on the head.

I started being "Matt Watson" singer songwriter and solo performer. I’d had enough of band stuff and had written a bunch of acoustic stuff with a punkish attitude. I got compared to Frank Turner, Billy Bragg, TV Smith, Miles Hunt. Fair enough, all influences. I made two albums through crowd funding and again achieved a hell of a lot on my own terms. DIY ethics and talking to your fans pays off and that's something I still hold dear.

I have laid that version of me to rest for now however and taken another path. Of course if you fancy checking that stuff out I’m on band camp and Spotify; www.mattwatsonmusic.co.uk. I’m proud of that output but it was time for a new venture. The Magic Es.

The guys and I have shared similar line ups in the area a handful of times and I was mightily impressed. They had that thing I love about a great band. They were tight, well rehearsed and had great songs. Oh and that Bass player was kinda familiar from somewhere else.

We got chatting online and long story short. Here I am.

It’s worth noting the guys attitude to music, our broad taste and the DIY attitude and their relationship with you guys. The fans is something I have heartily held a flag for myself so it’s been a great fit. With a new song already created (I am allowed to say that yet Pete?) and ideas aplenty for the future. I’m chuffed to bits to have been welcomed into the Magic Es family. And it feels like that too. The guys and you guys have made me feel instantly a part of the whole thing. Thank you. I feel like I've come home. I love my role in the band as second guitarist and backing vocalist and hope I can bring something fresh to the already brilliant band they are. No…! We are!

I still gotta get used to that. It’s we. I’m part of this team of musical brothers and it feels good. Damn good. If you’re still reading. Thanks I hope that gives an idea of who the hell I am and where I’ve been.

Loadsa love.